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Triggering Subjects: Pull the Trigger

inspiration_alan cleaver

photo by Alan Cleaver

We all have obsessions and discover them through our writing. We begin to note repeated subjects  in our writing which reveal these obsessions to us. What obsessions have your discovered? What are your triggering subjects that “ignite your need for words”?

“Our triggering subjects, like our words, come from obsessions we must submit to…Your triggering subjects are those that ignite your need for words.” Richard Hugo, The Triggering Town

Where do you find inspiration when you are faced with writer’s block? Do you go online and read magazines or newspapers, even the obituaries? Or, do you turn to your list of story concepts written in the back of your writing notebook or clippings in a manila folder stored a file cabinet in your office or saved on your computer?

Do you ever use writing prompts or make up your own to trigger subjects? If so, I invite you to share them to inspire other writers who need some inspiration to pull the trigger and get some writing done today.

Plum Point blog now has a page called Pull the Trigger to share your ideas to inspire other writers and  trigger words on the page. Just post a comment to the Pull the Trigger page . You do not have to share intimate details or reveal specifics about what you are working on right now. The idea is to share prompts which may inspire others to write today. The triggering subject may be a  phrase or a word, a sentence, a quotation, or a question.  I  will post the best of these prompts and update the Pull the Trigger page weekly.

A prompt could inspire a poem, a story, an essay, a play, a song, or a script. You just never know!  So, whenever you need a triggering subject, come back to the Pull the Trigger page, pull the trigger and write!

Write on!



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