Pull the Trigger

Writing Prompts: Pull the Trigger

photo by Alan Cleaver

Share writing prompts of your own or ones you have found which inspired you to write words  (credit borrowed prompts)   and will inspire other writers to ignite the need for words on the page.

Just post a comment to this page .  The triggering subject may be a  phrase or a word, a sentence, a quotation,  a question or a suggested activity.  I  will post the best of these prompts and update the Pull the Trigger page weekly.

The prompt you submit could inspire a poem, a story, an essay, a play or a script. You just never know! I hope you will use these triggers, too.  Whenever you need a triggering subject, come back, pull the trigger and write!

Choose a writing prompt, pull the trigger and write:

Trigger 1: Take a walk through your neighborhood or town, carry a camera, and take pictures of whatever attracts your attention. A week later, look over the photos you took.  Which one triggers a subject? Use the photo as a jumping off point and write a poem, story, or nonfiction essay. (C. Armes)

Trigger 2: Think of three obsessions you have identified in your writing so far. Write about one of them. You can write about yourself or give one of these obsessions to a character in a story.

Trigger 3: Using third person point of view, write a scene  in which two characters are arguing loudly in public. The argument can take place in any public place. Be sure to describe the character’s actions and their surroundings. Try to create a mood that matches to the heat of the argument through the descriptive details.

Trigger 4: “Write a piece on  a hide-out for you. Or, list ways your characters hide; for instance, shutting the blinds, averting the eyes, or taking the phone off the hook. Or make a list of your favorite hide-outs; choose one and describe being there” (from Room to Write, p. 73)


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