Summertime Hiatus–Aloha

typewriterwoods Summertime summons me to play. In my head, all I can hear is:  “Sun is shining. Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet” (~Bob Marley)

Teaching, writing this blog (or trying to keep up with it), revising my novel, writing notes for a screenplay idea, renovating our home, planting the flower garden, spring cleaning, and tending to four dogs has kept me busy, focused, and productive but worn out physically and spiritually. I need rejuvenation.  I’m restless to get outside and do whatever. I don’t want to stick to a schedule or check a to-do-list unless it’s this one:

  1. Lots of kissing and loving, of course, with my significant other
  2. Sleep in and eat breakfast at noon
  3. Bask in the sun and take a dip in Enid Lake most afternoons
  4. Canoe the Buffalo River in the Ozarks
  5. Jump into the cool waters of Greer’s Ferry Lake  or Lake Ouachita
  6. Drive down to the Gulf Coast National Seashore for a long weekend
  7. Ride the Natchez Trail
  8. Watch  Vacation again
  9. Hang out with family and friends in Oxford, Mississippi and Memphis, TN
  10. Go to an art and music festival
  11. Some light reading
  12. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  13. Support my local farmers’ markets
  14. Grill and pig-out
  15. Visit antique shops and find treasures
  16. Explore Mississippi outdoors
  17. Celebrate the Summer Solstice with camping under the stars
  18. Take it easy and feel the summer breeze
  19. Stock up on good summer wines
  20. Write on my own time — whenever and whatever

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language”. Henry James

Summertime beckons.  So please excuse me while I take a short break from blogging, go play, and return rejuvenated in mid-July – with a posting around July 15th. 

Enjoy your summertime – doing whatever.  It will feed your spirit and your writing.

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